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As a privately owned animal hospital, we take the concept of family very seriously. Our veterinarians and support team are invested in giving your pet the care they deserve as a treasured family member and steadfast companion. While our team has changed over the many decades our hospital has served the Coronado region, our dedication to you remains the same.

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In Memoriam

Have you ever looked into an animal's eyes and immediately realized you were in the presence of a very old soul? That was our Bond.

Bond came to us under odd circumstances. He was mistakenly identified by a client as their missing cat at animal control. He was also very traumatically injured. The clients took him to an emergency room where it was discovered he had a spinal injury that prevented him from urinating and defecating, the damage was permanent, his tail dying. Soon the client's located their real cat and knew they couldn't care for Bond. CVH had been providing daytime medical care for Bond so he was brought back to us. He was not adoptable with his disability. All of us at CVH had recognized Bond's exceptional spirit. We were all over-the-top committed to helping him and Bond was a most willing partner.

Bond was with us for 6 years. During that time we all came to wonder at his ability to sense our feelings so deeply. If one of us was sad, sick or worried, Bond was there each and every time with his genuine love and compassion. His pure empathy was palpable. You could feel that goodness down to your own soul. He came to be known as our hospital therapist. I was his number one patient. A difficult veterinary day was met with those knowing eyes as he would plant in my arms, holding me in his little white paws, administering soft kisses and reassuring cuddles. To no surprise, I immediately felt better. He did this for all of us.

Soon Bond extended his therapy practice to include clients, pharmacy reps and yes, to our doggy and kitty patients. None ever turned down his attention and care. Although his time was short, Bond's life was full and robust with his sense of loving purpose. He knew his calling and performed his magic with our hearts. We are all so lucky we had him in our lives and we are better people because we knew him. He taught to face adversity bravely but to also never forget the joy of love and healing. It was his gift to us and a part of him will be inside of us forever; unforgettable and irreplaceable, his legacy of true kindness. We will never have another friend and confidant like Bond.

I miss him every day,

Dr. Elizabeth Stone