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At Coronado Veterinary Hospital, we want to help you stay informed about your pet’s care and have access to useful tips and info about their health. Through our vet blog, we hope to answer some general questions and give you insight into the world of veterinary care. Our blog will be updated regularly, so stay tuned for our upcoming topics!

Close Up Of Man Dripping A Parasite Remedy On The Withers Of His Dog. Tick And Flea Prevention For A Purebred Husky Dog

Tips for Better Dog Flea Prevention

Imagine a peaceful afternoon with your dog—maybe you’re throwing a ball in the backyard or enjoying a quiet moment indoors. Now, picture this tranquility disrupted by your furry companion’s constant scratching. Fleas are more than just a nuisance; they’re a threat to your dog’s comfort and health. This blog will guide you through proven strategies…

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dog chewing its paws

Why Is My Dog Chewing Its Paws?

Have you noticed your dog chewing its paws recently? This behavior can be puzzling and even potentially troubling, if the behavior is persistent. Throughout this article, we’ll discuss common reasons dogs may chew their paws and signs that suggest it’s time to seek help from your veterinarian. If you’re worried about your dog’s paw-chewing habit,…

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Golden Retriever Wearing Life Jacket And Holding Toy In Mouth In Swimming Pool. Dog Play With Ball. Dog Swimming.

Dog Swimming Safety Tips

Summer is here, and for many dog owners, that means plenty of fun water activities. Whether you’re planning a trip to the beach or just cooling off in a backyard pool, it’s essential to keep your dog’s safety in mind. This blog will share valuable tips on keeping your dog safe while swimming. For more…

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