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Things Every Coronado Dog Owner Should Know

Things Our Veterinarian Wishes Every Coronado Dog Owner Knew

We love people who love dogs and dogs who love people, but our veterinarian wants all dog-lovers to understand the commitment that comes along with loving and caring for a dog because every dog caregiver knows dogs entail much more work and responsibility than what meets the eye at the dog park. (Dog ownership is a whole lot of love and wagging tails, too!)

canine care with our imperial beach veterinarian

Canine Care 

If you have recently moved here or just adopted a dog, establish care with an our veterinarian at Coronado Veterinary Hospital. Pets should have a regular wellness veterinarian prior to illness or injury. Our veterinarians will also make sure that your puppy has the best health care for a long, happy life by providing a few routine services such as:

  • Spaying and Neutering - not only prevents unwanted litters, also protects your pet from harmful diseases and risky behaviors.
  • Wellness Care - current vaccinations, dental care, and general health protect your pet from illnesses. 
  • Microchipping - vastly increases the chances of being reunited in the event the pet becomes lost. 

Caring for Your Dog at Home

Your responsibility at home is even greater than the veterinarian's with regard to your pet's care. At home, be sure to meet your pet's basic needs, providing food, water, and shelter. Beyond the basics, dogs are extremely social pack animals and require plenty of exercise, playtime, and training to stay happy, safe, and healthy. In addition, be sure to abide by your city and/or county laws regarding pets. Most require registration and proof of vaccination. 

Call Us Today To Learn More About Pet Boarding in Coronado!

When you are away from home, our caring professionals can make sure your pet is safe, healthy, and happy with pet boarding in Coronado. If you plan to leave town and are unable to take your pet with you, contact us about our pet boarding services at (619) 435-6281. We look forward to meeting with you!

What parts of your dog's care do you think are the most important?


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