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Summer Pet Boarding in Coronado While You're On Vacation

Summer Pet Boarding in Coronado While You're On Vacation

When you go on a vacation during the summer months, you want to ensure that your pet has the care he or she needs for good health. The challenge is identifying the boarding facility that works with your goals. At the Coronado Veterinary Hospital, we offer pet boarding services to keep your pets healthy and active throughout the summer months.summer pet boarding from your veterinarian in coronado

What is Coronado Pet Boarding?

Coronado pet boarding refers to a place for your pets to stay while you are away from downtown San Diego. When you must leave the area and will not be available to care for your pets in the Imperial Beach area, we offer a solution. Your pet stays in our boarding facility and has supervision throughout your vacation.

Why Board Your Pet?

The reasons you want to board your pet depends on your situation. When you go on a vacation, the key reason is your pet's safety. You do not want to leave a pet with individuals who may not understand their needs and health. Pet owners cannot always bring a dog or cat on vacation, so they must leave them at home. 

You may also decide to board a pet for his or her comfort. Since traveling may cause discomfort or stress in some pets, you want to limit their negative experiences and provide a safe and welcoming environment while you are out of town.

Call Coronado Veterinary Hospital Today!

In our clinic, we offer a clean and fresh environment that welcomes pets and their owners. We take your pets out for a daily walk and provide exercise facilities for their health. We also offer services for pets with special needs or health concerns. As your Coronado Veterinary Hospital, we have the ability to address your concerns while your pet stays in our facility. 

Boarding a pet during your vacation allows you to focus on your family and the activities in your destination. It gives you a chance to explore without worrying about a pet. To learn more about boarding or for an appointment, call (619) 435-6281 today.


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