Pet Wellness Exam FAQ

Coronado Pet Wellness Exam: FAQ From Your Veterinarian in Coronado

Your pet deserves the best in health care and that means an annual wellness exam by your veterinarian in Coronado. Have questions? Here are wellness exam frequently asked questions from your veterinarian in coronado

Why is Pet Wellness Important?

One of the most important things you do for your health is a yearly physical. Likewise, one of the best things for your pet’s health is a yearly Coronado pet wellness exam. These exams are important for many reasons. First, they give our Imperial Beach veterinarian a chance to establish a baseline against which to keep track of your pet’s future health needs. Then, if illness or injuries arise, we are able to quickly diagnose and treat them, which saves you the expense of emergency treatments.

Our regular visits together also help us to establish a strong relationship with you and your pet. The more we get to know you both, the easier it is to identify any changes that need further treatment.

What Happens During a Coronado Pet Wellness Exam?

During the Coronado pet wellness exam, our Imperial Beach veterinarian performs a thorough examination of your pet. After checking weight, we check the eyes, nose, ears and mouth. In the mouth, we are looking at the condition of the teeth and gums. This helps us prepare for a dental cleaning as well as identify any problems such as infection, gingivitis, plaque, and broken or loose teeth.

A major indicator of your pet’s health is his or her coat. A shiny coat boasts of good health while a dull one may signal illness. Our veterinarian in Coronado uses a stethoscope to listen to your pet’s heart and lungs for any abnormalities. A full-body hand palpitation enables the vet to feel the internal organs as well as check for lumps or masses that may need to be investigated.

One essential part of the exam is time to talk with you about your pet’s health, behavior, or any other matters of concern. No one knows your pet like you do, so your input to his or health is critical. Our veterinarian will always make time during the pet wellness exam to talk with you.

The final part of the wellness exam is the vaccinations your pet needs to stay protected from dangerous and even life-threatening diseases.

What Vaccinations Are Necessary for my Pet?

Vaccinations are the key to keeping your pet healthy and protected from disease. These vaccinations are generally administered yearly. We classify them as core vaccinations and non-core vaccinations. The core vaccinations are absolutely necessary for all pets and include the following:


  • Rabies
  • Canine Distemper
  • Canine Hepatitis


  • Rabies
  • Feline Herpes
  • Panleukopenia

The non-core vaccinations are optional and based on your pet’s lifestyle. 

Are Pet Wellness Exams Necessary for Young and Senior Pets?

The young and old are among the most vulnerable so we recommend more frequent vet visits. Young pets need frequent appointments to get the low-dose vaccinations they need to build up their immunity. Older pets need our Imperial Beach vet’s sharp eye to detect any health issues that need to be addressed quickly.

Schedule Your Pet Wellness Exam with Our Veterinarian in Coronado

Give your pet the gift of a long and healthy life.  Give our veterinarian in Coronado a call today at (619) 435-6281. Be sure to ask about our free consultation for new clients who have adopted from a shelter or rescue.


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