At Coronado Veterinary Hospital, we provide dog and cat vaccines to the pets of the community. As strong advocates for pet vaccinations, we also work hard to educate pet owners of the community about the benefits of pet vaccines. We believe that the more pet owners understand about pet vaccines and the vaccination process, the more likely it is that they will keep their pets up to date on their shots.

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Benefits of Pet Vaccines

The main goal of a pet vaccination is disease prevention. Pet vaccines are injections that help your pet build up antibodies. After getting a vaccination, your pet should have immunity to the disease that the vaccine prevents. Many vaccines require boosters over the course of your pet's lifetime in order to retain full immunity. In addition to improved immunity, there are many other benefits of getting your pet vaccinated, including:

  • Improved quality of life for your pet. Pets who get vaccinations may be sick less often because they are vulnerable to fewer diseases.

  • Public health and safety. The rabies vaccine is a core vaccine that helps prevent the spread of rabies throughout the pet and animal population. The rabies vaccine can also protect the human population, since this virus is transmittable to humans.

  • Reduced veterinary bills. Since vaccinations prevent many serious illnesses, keeping your pet up to date on shots can lead to fewer trips to the vet and thus reduced veterinary bills.

Core and Non-Core Vaccines

There are two different types of vaccines: core and non-core. At Coronado Veterinary Hospital, we can administer both types of vaccines to our patients. Core vaccines are given to all pets regardless of lifestyle. Non-core vaccines are given only to pets whose lifestyle factors put them at risk for those specific types of diseases.

Examples of core vaccines include:

  • Rabies (cats and dogs). Rabies is a disease that affects animal mental processes and behavior, and ultimately leads to death.

  • Canine Distemper. The distemper virus is a relative of the virus that causes human measles. This virus has no cure and can be fatal.

  • Feline Calcivirus. This vaccination prevents a virus that causes respiratory illness in cats.

Examples of non-core vaccines include:

  • Leptospirosis. This virus is most common in tropical climates. Leptospirosis can spread from animals to humans.

  • Bordetella bronchiseptica. This contagious respiratory disease is highly contagious.

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If your cat or dog is in need of vaccinations, we encourage you to make an appointment today. We can help your animal friend get the shots he or she needs in order to avoid common illnesses and live a longer, healthier life. To make an appointment, contact us today at {619-435-6281}.


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