Whether soft tissue, orthopedic or another operation, the pet surgery services at Coronado Veterinary Hospital, are excellent.  When your pet needs surgery, you want the best hands in the best animal hospital.  Our highly skilled veterinarians perform a wide array of surgical procedures such as spay, neuter, mass/growth removal, foreign body removal, biopsy, cystotomy, gastropexy, amputations, and more at our office to ensure pets feel comfortable and loved in familiar surroundings. 

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Your Veterinarian Facility

Our surgical suite is equipped with modern technology and we use progressive protocols to ensure your pet has a safe surgical experience.


We use the safest anesthesia for all surgical procedures we perform whether it be inhaled anesthesia or intravenous.  Sevoflurane is not only pet-safe but used routinely in Pediatric Human medicine .

The Surgery Experience

Before surgery, our vet will tell you everything that will be done and what to expect.  Most pets will be required to have labwork performed prior to surgery to make sure there is no infection or unknown condition that might compromise a successful surgery. After being given the green light, your pet is can be anesthetized and surgery can begin. During the surgery, a veterinary technician closely watches the monitoring equipment that measures your pet’s heart and respiration rate while our surgeon performs the procedure.


When the surgery is over, your pet is moved to a calm and quiet area where pets are monitored closely to assure a smooth recovery. Depending on the complexity of the surgery and the post-op condition of the pet, your pet will be able to return home sometime the same day.

Spay and Neuter

As preventative surgeries, not only do we perform these most frequently, they provide pets with tremendous health benefits and help to curb the numbers of abandoned pets roaming streets and crowding shelters. For female cats and dogs, we remove the entire reproductive organs. With the uterus and ovaries gone, there is no chance of future ovarian or uterine cancer. For males, we remove the testicles which means they can never contract testicular cancer. In addition, there are numerous behavior benefits such as decreased no more spraying or marking, howling, or roaming.

When your pet needs surgery, our veterinarian is the one to trust.  Please note that if our surgeon is not able to perform a necessary surgery we will refer your pet to a trusted surgical specialist in order to receive the best care possible. Call now at, 619-435-6281, to learn more about how your pet is our number one priority.


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