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Cat Vaccinations With Your Coronado Veterinarian

Cat Vaccinations With Your Coronado Veterinarian

Your Coronado veterinarian offers cat vaccinations at our veterinary hospital! We offer core and non-core cat vaccines, including the FIV vaccine. Vaccinations are designed to help your cat’s immune system fight off dangerous and potentially fatal infections.

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Feline Immunodeficiency Virus in Cats

Feline immunodeficiency virus in cats (FIV) is a serious ailments that negatively affects your cat’s immune system. It works similarly to the way HIV infects humans. Our veterinarian recommends pet vaccines for FIV for cats in multi-cat households and who live outside.

Symptoms of FIV

The FIV virus can lay dormant for years, which means your cat may have the disease, but may be asymptomatic. Once symptoms start appearing, you may notice that your cat gets frequent infections, especially upper respiratory infections, has chronic diarrhea and experiences frequent or recurring ear infections. As the disease progresses, you may notice your cat losing weight or wasting. He or she may also have changes in behavior and sleeping patterns as well as signs of nervous system damage.

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus Transmission

FIV is transmitted through cat bites and scratches. The virus is secreted in the cat’s saliva and sometimes in semen. It can also be passed from a mother cat to her kittens at birth.

Outdoor and indoor/outdoor cats are at an increased risk for contracting FIV. Unneutered male cats or cats who are prone to getting into fights with other cats are also at an increased risk for contracting FIV.

Cat Vaccines and Treatments for FIV

If you have an indoor/outdoor cat or a cat that lives solely outdoors, you should consider getting your cat tested for FIV. Treatments for cats infected with FIV include medications for boosting the effectiveness of your cat’s immune system and keeping your cat comfortable. The only way to prevent FIV is through cat vaccines for the disease.

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For more information on our pet vaccines and to schedule your pet’s vaccination appointment, contact your Coronado veterinarian today!

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