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Annual Pet Wellness Exams in Coronado

Annual Pet Wellness Exams in Coronado

You love your pet and want to have him or her with you for a long time. The secret to pet longevity is good health, and the secret to good health is your pet’s annual wellness exam!  Our Coronado veterinarian keeps pets from Coronado, downtown San Diego, Bankers Hill, Little Italy, and the surrounding areas exceptionally healthy and here’s how!

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Why is an Annual Wellness Exam From Your Coronado Veterinarian Necessary?

The number one reason for the annual exam is prevention! If we prevent it, then it doesn’t need to be treated. Vaccinations are the epicenter of prevention from serious and even life-threatening diseases such as rabies. Make this preventative investment in your pet and save yourself time, stress, and excessive cost while ensuring his or her health and happiness.

The wellness exam also enables early intervention for any simmering health problems, allowing us to jump on treatments to keep things from getting worse.

Finally, we build a record of your pet’s health issues, special quirks, and any other things that may need follow-through in the years ahead.

What To Expect During Your Pet Wellness Exam

When you bring your companion for a pet exam Coronado, our Imperial Beach veterinarian will do the following:

  • Make sure your pet’s temperature is normal

  • Look at the coat and skin for any symptoms of pet allergies

  • Check the ears, nose, and eyes

  • Examine the mouth and teeth for scheduling a pet dental

  • Listen to the heart and lungs

  • Feel the entire body, including the abdomen, for any lumps or organ abnormalities

How Often Does My Pet Need a Wellness Exam?

Pets need at least an annual exam so we can follow-up on their overall health conditions. Some pets may need more frequent exams such as those who have been diagnosed with a problem or our senior pets who we need to track more frequently.

Your pet’s annual wellness exam is the key to keeping him or her healthy. Call us today!  We look forward to telling you more.


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