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10 Reasons to Spay & Neuter Your Pet

10 Reasons to Spay & Neuter Your Pet With Our Veterinarian Coronado

You may think that spaying or neutering your dog or cat isn’t that important. After all, what are the chances your pet will become pregnant anyway? Actually, there are MANY reasons why you should go ahead and book your pet for this surgery today. We’ve gathered 10, just for starters.

cat and dog before seeing their veterinarian in Coronado for Spay or Neuter Services

Spaying and Neutering in Coronado

1. Spaying can help your female pet live longer. It can prevent both uterine infections and breast cancer.

2. Want to prevent testicular cancer? Neutering your pet can do the trick!

3. You’re doing something good for the community. Many parts of the country have a severe pet overpopulation. You may save other animals lives.

4. This surgery is a money-saver! Spays and neuters are very affordable compared to other types of pet surgery.  Plus when you compare to the cost of caring for a litter of puppies or kittens it shrinks even lower.

5. Prevents False Pregnancy – There is a condition where a female can believe she is pregnant when she isn’t. This is stressful and even painful for a pet.

6. Spaying a female pet prevents her from going into heat. This can be a frustrating time for any pet owner.

7. Male dogs and cats are less likely to roam after they have been neutered.

8. You can avoid accidents with your male pet – Even if you don’t mean to let your male dog or cat around other animals, accidents happen. You don’t want to be responsible for an unplanned litter when you don’t even know the mother dog or cat!

9. Male cats who have been neutered are less likely to spray and mark their territory.

10. Spaying and neutering often make it easier to introduce pets to a new (animal) member of the family—you may be able to grow your pet family!

Schedule Your Spay or Neuter Surgery with Our Coronado Vet!

As you can see, in Imperial Beach and Coronado spay and neuter surgery is important for your pet. If you would like more information, reach out to us at Coronado Veterinary Hospital. We look forward to working with you.


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