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Five Tips to Manage Diabetes in Pets

5 Ways to Manage Pet Diabetes and Your Annual Pet Wellness Exam in Coronado​

If your pet is diagnosed with diabetes at your next annual pet wellness exam in Coronado, our experienced veterinarians will help you along the way. We will teach you what diabetes means for your pet's wellness, comfort, and happiness and also how you can manage diabetes and your pet. The following five tips are ways you can manage pet diabetes. 

managing pet diabetes with your veterinarian in coronado

1. Insulin

Some dogs and cats with diabetes require daily insulin injections to manage their blood sugar levels. Sometimes after a few weeks or months of insulin treatments, your pet will no longer require them. For this reason, it is important to monitor your pet's blood sugar regularly.

2. Monitoring

Our veterinarian will help you determine the best way to monitor your pet's blood glucose concentration, likely using urine test strips. By monitoring your pet's sugar levels, we will be able to prescribe the right amount of insulin needed to keep your pet healthy and active. 

3. Diet

Diabetic pets do best on a regular feeding schedule, receiving the same foods at the same times of the day. Dogs require high protein diets supplemented with complex carbohydrates. Cats require a diet of high-quality protein. Our veterinarian will discuss food selection and mealtimes with you. 

4. Exercise

An important health component for even healthy pets, exercise is vital for managing your diabetic pet's weight and blood glucose levels. 

5. Checkups 

Diabetes affects dogs and cats differently over time, and regular wellness checkups will help you and your veterinarian manage your pet's ever-changing health needs. 

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Diabetes is a serious condition which can be managed with the proper care. Schedule a wellness exam for your Coronado, downtown San Diego, Imperial Beach, or Little Italy pet, during which we will screen your pet for common conditions like diabetes to ensure early diagnosis and treatment. Contact our office at (619) 435-6281 to schedule an appointment today. We look forward to meeting with you!

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