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4th of July Pet Safety Tips

4th of July Pet Safety Tips From Our Imperial Beach Veterinarian

The 4th of July is a national holiday and you want to celebrate with the entire family, including your pets. The problem an Imperial Beach veterinarian may see throughout the holiday is complications with your pet's safety. You want to take steps to ensure a pet's safety when you live in downtown San Diego and plan to attend events on the holiday.4th of july pet safety tips from our imperial beach veterinarian

Give Your Pets Water and Shade

The first consideration for any pet during the summer is the heat. If you plan to take your pet out to an event, then ensure that he or she has enough water and shade for the hot weather. If your pet is staying at home, then provide water and a shaded area in your yard. Ideally, you want to keep your pets indoors as much as possible to avoid heat-related health concerns.

Be Careful About Foods

When you invite friends and family over for the holiday, take precautions to limit a pet's exposure to potentially toxic foods. Do not feed your pet from the table and ensure that any foods he or she eats are healthy and appropriate. If you have concerns about toxic foods, then avoid giving your pet any food from the table or discuss your concerns with a veterinarian.

Consider Pet Boarding in Coronado

Pet boarding in Coronado on the holiday provides a key benefit: it keeps your pet away from harmful items or foods. At our clinic, we provide exercise and walks to keep your pet healthy while also ensuring that your pet is not exposed to fireworks, sparklers or toxic foods. We recognize the potential problems that arise from fireworks and give your pets a space to feel safe when they hear a loud noise.

Call Our Imperial Beach Veterinarian Today!

Pet safety is a concern during Independence Day because of the foods, fireworks and the heat. By taking measures to limit your pet's risks with help from an Imperial Beach veterinarian, you ensure that he or she will not face health concerns during the holiday. To learn more about pet safety on holidays, call 619-435-6281 today.


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