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Spay & Neuter in Coronado and Imperial Beach

The veterinarians at our spay and neuter clinic in Coronado and Imperial Beach offer sterilization pet surgeries for all dogs and cats. Sterilizing your pet helps prevent unwanted litters and helps reduce the number of unwanted pets and pets that enter shelters and rescues.

dog and cat with Coronado veterinarian

Benefits of Spay and Neuter With Your Coronado Veterinarian

Spay and neuter surgeries benefit your pet and our local community. While one of the biggest benefits to our community is the prevention of unwanted litters, spaying a female cat or dog also reduces or eliminates your pet’s risk of certain infections and cancers, like breast cancer and uterine infections.

Neutering a male pet reduces their desire to find a mate, which helps prevent accidental escapes into your neighborhood, which could result in unwanted litters of your male pet.  Neutering also eliminates your male pet’s risk of testicular cancer.

Spays and Neuters at our Clinic, Serving Coronado and Surrounding Areas such as Imperial Beach, Downtown San Diego and Little Italy

Our veterinary clinic offers routine spays and neuters for cats and dogs of all breeds and sizes. Spay and neuter surgeries can be performed on puppies and kittens that are weaned and weigh at least two pounds. Prior to your pet’s sterilization surgery, our vet will need to exam your pet and will then explain to you how to prepare your pet for surgery. At the time of the surgery, you will be asked to complete a few forms to give your consent.

Your Pet’s Surgery for Spay or Neuter

A spay on a female pet involves removing your cat or dog’s uterus and ovaries. This prevents your pet from going into heat and eliminates her desire to find a mate and reproduce, which can result in better behavior. A Spay can take between 30 and 60 minutes to perform.

A neuter performed on male pets involves completely removing your cat or dog’s testicles. This helps prevent the desire to roam and may eliminate certain undesirable behaviors, like marking territory and aggression. Neuters typically only take a less than 30 minutes.

After Your Pet’s Surgery

After the surgery, your pet will be given some time to recover from the anesthesia. Once your pet is ready to go home, our veterinarian will provide you with aftercare instructions. You will also be asked to check the incision site in the morning and evening and to prevent your pet from licking or biting the wound. To help prevent licking and biting, our vet may fit your cat or dog with an Elizabethan collar. If your pet needs pain medications after the surgery, we can provide them. The incisions usually take about two weeks to fully heal.

To schedule your pet’s spay or neuter, call us at (619) 435-6281. We welcome all pets and new patients. 

Welcome New Patients!

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