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Pet Allergy Management & Treatment With Your Coronado Veterinarian

If you know first hand just how miserable an allergy problem can be, you can imagine what your pet may be going through. Skin, food and seasonal allergies can cause a variety of symptoms, from itchy welts and respiratory congestion to life-threatening reactions. Fortunately for your special friend, your Coronado veterinarian at Coronado Veterinary Hospital can diagnose and treat Imperial Beach, Downtown, Bankers Hill and Coronado pet allergies.

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Pet Allergy Causes, Signs and Symptoms Seen by Your Coronado Veterinarian

  • Skin allergies - If your pet's sensitive skin is exposed to an environmental allergen,a reaction called allergic dermatitis may occur. This problem features redness, itching and swelling of the skin. If your pet licks or scratches obsessively at these areas, secondary bacterial infections may develop. Skin allergies can be caused by airborne pollutants, plants such as poison ivy, household chemicals, flea bites and other stimuli. Cat allergies may be caused by scented kitty litter.

  • Food allergies - Food allergies can be deceptive because they can cause dermatitis and itching, just as skin allergies do -- but food allergies are more likely to be a year-round issue. Increased bowel movements and facial or throat swelling may also occur.

  • Respiratory congestion - Respiratory congestion frequently occurs as an allergic response to seasonal airborne allergens. Here at Coronado Veterinary Hospital, we've been seeing more instances of respiratory congestion during the winter months, a season when ragweed and other allergens proliferate. This symptom is especially common in cat allergies.

When to Seek Pet Allergy Testing and Treatment

If your pet is having acute breathing problems due to a swollen airway (anaphylaxis), you have a medical emergency on your hands; rush your pet to our animal hospital for immediate treatment. We can also treat skin problems and prescribe antihistamines or other medications to control chronic allergy symptoms.

While some allergy causes may be glaringly obvious, most Coronado pet allergies will require testing and evaluation to determine where the underlying problem lies. Intradermal pet allergy testing, in which a sample of skin is exposed to potential allergens to check for reactions, can often confirm skin or seasonal allergies. If medical issues or other factors make intradermal testing impractical, we can run blood tests instead. Food allergies may need to be narrowed down via a food elimination diet, in which we remove one food at a time from your pet's daily routine until the allergy symptoms stop.

Regular Vet Visits Can Help Control Pet Allergies

Don't underestimate the value of regular vet visits and preventative care for controlling pet allergies.. Our wellness screenings include examinations of the skin and other features for any changes that might indicate an allergy problem, while our flea preventatives can help your pet avoid allergic reactions caused by these irritating pests. Call (619) 435-6281 to receive the expert evaluation, diagnosis and treatment your pet needs!

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Client Comments

"I was nervous about Bon Jovi receiving anesthesia. You kept me informed throughout the process and took great care of him. Thank you. His teeth look fabulous." 

-  Julie Moss, Coronado Resident

"This was my first time having a puppy and looking for a vet and I truly believe I found the perfect place! Everyone was so friendly and so kind to myself and my puppy! I got a lot of information and all of my questions were answered!" 

-  New Puppy Mom and Coronado Resident

"You squeezed us in on short notice and I GREATLY appreciate it! you made our vacation a little less stressful, and Bernie is getting much better! Thank you thank you thank you!!" 

-  Kelly Mulvany, Coronado Vacationer

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